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Brot backen

Becher Löffel los: Sauerteig herstellen und auffrischen und Roggenmischbrot mit Sonnenblumenkernen backen. (YouTube, 10:50min und 10:35min)

“Sauerteig ist notwendig zum Backen von Roggenbroten. Die Herstellung ist relativ einfach und braucht nur Roggenmehl und lauwarmes Wasser, einen warmen Ort (ca. 25 Grad) zum Gären und ein wenig Geduld. Der fertige Sauerteigansatz (auch Anstellgut genannt) kann für mindestens einen Monat im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt und bei Bedarf aufgefrischt werden.”

“Die angegebene Menge reicht für 2 Brotlaibe mit je ca. 750 g. Ich halbiere die Brote und friere sie dann ein. […] Bei der Zubereitung nicht vergessen einen Teil des Sauerteigansatzes wieder aufzuheben!”

“we care about having a president who takes seriously his oath to preserve and protect our Constitution”

The New York Times – Opinion: Impeach Trump. Save America. “It is the only thing to do if our country’s democracy is to survive.” By Thomas L. Friedman.

“If we say, as Republicans do, that what Trump did is not an impeachable offense, we are telling ourselves and every future president that — in direct contradiction of what the founders wrote in the Constitution — it is O.K. to enlist a foreign power to tilt the election your way. Can you imagine how much money candidates could raise from Saudi Arabia or China to tilt a future election their way, or how many cyberwarriors they could enlist from Russia or Iran to create fake news, suppress voting or spur outrage?
If Congress were to do what Republicans demand — forgo impeaching this president for enlisting a foreign power to get him elected, after he refused to hand over any of the documents that Congress had requested and blocked all of his key aides who knew what happened from testifying — we would be saying that a president is henceforth above the law.

We would be saying that we no longer have three coequal branches of government. We would be saying that we no longer have a separation of powers.

We would be saying that our president is now a king.

If we do that, the America you studied in history class, the America you grew up knowing and loving, and the America that the rest of the world has so long admired as a beacon of democracy and justice will be no more. Oh, how we will miss it when it’s gone.”

Link via MetaFilter.

“I’m stuck between loving him and hating him because of what he did.”

The Washington Post: ‘Why did you do this?’ “His brother confessed to gunning down 17 people in Parkland. But he’s the only family Zach Cruz has left.” (Published January 25, 2019)

“Fourteen students and three staff members were killed that Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland. Seventeen others were injured, left with lasting scars, physical and mental. Hundreds more had their lives upended: parents suddenly without children, students rallying for gun control by day and dealing with panic attacks at night, first responders denounced for the choices they made amid the chaos.

Some of those people were here in the courtroom, and sliding into a bench beside them now was another person whose life was derailed that day. Zachary Cruz was 17 when his older brother became one of the deadliest school shooters in American history.”

Willkommen in Edinbürgli – Welcome to Züroaich!

Der Postillon: Perfekte Lösung nach Brexit: Schotten und Schweizer tauschen Staatsgebiet.

Ehrlich gesagt finde ich die Lösung perfekt. Nur ein paar Inseln mit traumhaftem Sandstrand für die Bewohner der Äußeren Hebriden müssen noch irgendwie her…

Die ganzen deutschen Touristen, die nach Schottland reisen, können dann alle die Bahn statt des Flugzeugs nehmen, das ist auch gut im Hinblick auf den Klimawandel.