Photographing the Solar Eclipse 2024

Smarter Every Day: I Accidentally Photographed Something Unknown During the Eclipse. (YouTube, 23:40min)

I’m already looking forward to finding out if someone is able to identify the satellites.

Here’s the earlier video which he did in preparation for the eclipse: April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Here’s what you need to know. (YouTube, 22:55min) It includes a lot of information about things you can observe during the partial phases, like how shadows change or why small clouds will disappear.

There’s more information and a link to the eclipse app at Destin’s website: Smarter Every Day – Eclipse.

I haven’t experienced a total solar eclipse, only a few partial ones, but I hope to be able to see one in the future.

The Ships that Repair Undersea Cables

The Verge: The Cloud under the Sea by Josh Dzieza.

“The internet is carried around the world by hundreds of thousands of miles of slender cables that sit at the bottom of the ocean. These fragile wires are constantly breaking – a precarious system on which everything from banks to governments to TikTok depends. But thanks to a secretive global network of ships on standby, every broken cable is quickly fixed. This is the story of the people who repair the world’s most important infrastructure.”

Link via MetaFilter.