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Plattdüütscher Integrationshelper

Yared Dibaba: Plattdeutsch für Anfänger ist eine hübsche kleine Serie, bei der man die wichtigsten Wörter zur Kommunikation mit Norddeutschen lernen kann. Jeder Folge ist kürzer als eine Minute.

  1. Moin
  2. Tschüß
  3. Zahlen
  4. Fofftein
  5. Wochentage
  6. Bannig
  7. Godet wedder
  8. Gau
  9. Klönen
  10. Schnacken
  11. Ackerschnacker
  12. Kuddelmuddel
  13. Laat
  14. Suutje
  15. Löppt
  16. Krüüsch
  17. Töven
  18. Klei mi an mors

Der einzige Begriff, den ich noch nie gehört habe, ist Ackerschnacker. Dafür vermisse ich “vigeliensch” und “brägenklöterig”.

Return of the blog

Garret is back in the blogging-saddle over on dangerousmeta!

“Blogs have been largely relegated in the face of the instant-satisfaction social media. Those that are being linked on commercial news services regurgitate universal knowledge, inspirational quotes, and ‘best practices’ boilerplate. In addition, we are now tracked, tabulated, diced, sliced and served to corporate interests on a golden platter. I don’t need to tell you why or how – we all know we’ve signed our souls away for the terrifyingly bad user interfaces of services like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and others. Did I say bad? I mean purposely bad, to encourage you to do what they want, while making it truly difficult to do what you want.
[W]e all need a kick in the ass to stop with the easy-to-consume poison Kool-Aid, and start caring about this. Others of my blog generation have made the move, it’s past time for me to do so.

I call “time” for the renaissance of the independent self-hosted weblog. I don’t care what you use, or how you use it, but get the hell off the commercial social services and get an independent weblog.

Own your information. Control your information. “

Welcome back Garret. We’ve missed you!

Arme Ritter – Poor Knights of Windsor – French Toast

Heute habe ich zum Frühstück aus einigen Scheiben Hefezopf von vorgestern Arme Ritter gemacht. Dabei habe ich mich grob an diesem Rezept aus dem Zeit-Magazin orientiert, aber die Mengen reduziert. Weil es immer noch viel zu viel war, notiere ich hier meine Version für die nächste Runde, die dann auch zu zweit schaffbar sein sollte:

Zutaten: 3 Scheiben Hefezopf, je 2cm dick (von dem großen Hefezopf aus 1kg Mehl), 3 Eier, 160ml Milch, 20g Zucker, Prise Salz

Eier, Milch, Zucker und Salz kräftig verrühren, in eine Auflaufform gießen. Die Hefezopf-Scheiben hineinlegen und von jeder Seite zwei oder drei Minuten einweichen lassen. Butter in einer nicht zu heißen Pfanne zerlassen und die getränkten Scheiben darin von jeder Seite zwei bis drei Minuten braten. Mit Zimtzucker bestreut servieren.

“While visitors are enjoying the free access, they may be doing irrevocable damage to America’s national parks.”

The Guardian: Joshua Tree national park announces closure after trees destroyed amid shutdown.

“For 17 days, a host of volunteers and a skeleton staff kept the trash cans and toilets from overflowing at Joshua Tree national park.

But on Tuesday, 18 days after the federal government shutdown furloughed the vast majority of national park staff, officials announced that vandalism of the park’s distinctive namesake plants and other maintenance and sanitation problems will require closure starting Thursday.

“While the vast majority of those who visit Joshua Tree do so in a responsible manner, there have been incidents of new roads being created by motorists and the destruction of Joshua trees in recent days that have precipitated the closure,” spokesman George Land said in a news release.”

Vox: Joshua Tree National Park has been trashed in the shutdown. Now visitors are cutting down trees. “Despite severe damage, the park will not shut down entirely.”

“A week ago, Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California was forced to shut down its campgrounds due to “health and safety concerns over near-capacity pit toilets,” according to CNN.

But despite the partial closure, things continued to get worse.

According to National Parks Traveler, visitors are creating illegal roads and driving into some of the park’s most fragile areas. They are also chopping down trees, setting illegal fires, and graffitiing rocks. With Joshua Tree being roughly the size of Delaware, the eight on-duty law enforcement rangers had no way to stop all the prohibited activity.”

Links via MetaFilter.

I’ve been to Joshua Tree National Monument during a school exchange back in 1992, before it became a National Park, and again with André in 1999. It’s been on my list of places to re-visit more thoroughly, but now I’ll have to find out if it’s still worth it. It’s a shame that this is happening to Joshua Tree and many other National Parks because of a stubborn and incompetent president.