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Arme Ritter – Poor Knights of Windsor – French Toast

Heute habe ich zum Frühstück aus einigen Scheiben Hefezopf von vorgestern Arme Ritter gemacht. Dabei habe ich mich grob an diesem Rezept aus dem Zeit-Magazin orientiert, aber die Mengen reduziert. Weil es immer noch viel zu viel war, notiere ich hier meine Version für die nächste Runde, die dann auch zu zweit schaffbar sein sollte:

Zutaten: 3 Scheiben Hefezopf, je 2cm dick (von dem großen Hefezopf aus 1kg Mehl), 3 Eier, 160ml Milch, 20g Zucker, Prise Salz

Eier, Milch, Zucker und Salz kräftig verrühren, in eine Auflaufform gießen. Die Hefezopf-Scheiben hineinlegen und von jeder Seite zwei oder drei Minuten einweichen lassen. Butter in einer nicht zu heißen Pfanne zerlassen und die getränkten Scheiben darin von jeder Seite zwei bis drei Minuten braten. Mit Zimtzucker bestreut servieren.


Was backt man zu Ostern? Natürlich Hefezopf!

Chefkoch: Friedas genialer Hefezopf.

Hab gerade einen riesigen sehr fluffigen Hefezopf aus dem Ofen geholt. Mein Rezept war aus einem Backbuch, hatte aber die gleichen Mengenverhältnisse wie dieses hier, allerdings von allem die Hälfte. Ich habe das Rezept verdoppelt, würde das nächste Mal aber zwei kleine Hefezöpfe mit je 500g Mehl backen statt einem großen mit 1kg Mehl.

“You absorb fewer calories eating toast that has been left to go cold”

The Economist: Death of the calorie. “For more than a century we’ve counted on calories to tell us what will make us fat. Peter Wilson says it’s time to bury the world’s most misleading measure.”

“There’s a further weakness in the calorie-counting system: the amount of energy we absorb from food depends on how we prepare it. Chopping and grinding food essentially does part of the work of digestion, making more calories available to your body by ripping apart cell walls before you eat it. That effect is magnified when you add heat: cooking increases the proportion of food digested in the stomach and small intestine, from 50% to 95%.
The difficulty in counting accurately doesn’t stop there. The calorie load of carbohydrate-heavy items such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes can be slashed simply by cooking, chilling and reheating them. As starch molecules cool they form new structures that are harder to digest. You absorb fewer calories eating toast that has been left to go cold, or leftover spaghetti, than if they were freshly made. Scientists in Sri Lanka discovered in 2015 that they could more than halve the calories potentially absorbed from rice by adding coconut oil during cooking and then cooling the rice. This made the starch less digestible so the body may take on fewer calories (they have yet to test on human beings the precise effects of rice cooked in this way). That’s a bad thing if you’re malnourished, but a boon if you’re trying to lose weight.”

I read this article last week and was reminded of it by this MetaFilter post that has more links on the subject.

“Chocolate Chirp Cookies”

NPR The Salt: Should Hyping Edible Bugs Focus On The Experience Instead Of The Environment?

“Farming insects may be more sustainable than raising meat, but so far that hasn’t been quite enough to convince most Westerners to eat them.

Marketing them as delicious, exquisite delicacies, though? That might do the trick.
Current marketing tactics for eating insects tend to point out environmental and health benefits. But a new study published in Frontiers in Nutrition suggests it might be better to focus on taste and experience, such as highlighting how much dragonflies taste like soft-shelled crabs.”

Best food name ever: “Chocolate Chirp Cookies” for cookies baked with cricket flour.

Mmmmh Weihnachtsplätzchen

The Washington Post: Holiday cookie generator. Celebrating 14 years of holiday cookies.

There are 331 recipes, “Find a recipe using your favorite ingredient, from chocolate chips to Sriracha.”

Almond Ricotta Bars, Pecan Sandies, Crumbly Lemon Creme Bars, Green Tea Shortbread with Poppy Seeds, Lime Thai Basil Shortbread with Passion Fruit Glaze, Lemon Ginger Bars, Raspberry Snow Bars, Ultimate Lemon Squares – are you hungry yet? I hope to find some time to bake cookies this week.

Allerdings werden das sicher einige Klassiker, die ich jedes Jahr backe, und vielleicht als neues Rezept Limoncello-Bällchen von Limettenschnitten ausprobiert habe. Lecker!