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Glaubuli gehören nicht von den Krankenkassen bezahlt!

Neo Magazin Royale: Homöopathie wirkt*

*nicht über den Placebo-Effekt hinaus. (YouTube, 23:30min)

Link von Herrn Rau.

Funk: Kurz gesagt: Homöopathie – Sanfte Alternative oder dreister Humbug? (YouTube, 8:26min, Qellen in den Infos zum Video)

maiLab: Homöopathie-Gesetz: Deutschlands schlechtestes Gesetz. (YouTube, 17:48min, Qellen in den Infos zum Video)

Wer mehr wissen möchte, kann ruhig mal auf der Website des Informationsnetzwerks Homöopathie vorbeischauen.

Begriff “Glaubuli” geklaut vom Kinderdok.

Space Analogies

Alexander Gerst’s Horizon Blog: Cave Life for Space. “When you ignore some details, it is amazing how similar cave exploration is to going to space. After my experience with CAVES, I can say that, so far, this is the best analogue that I know for astronauts to mentally prepare for space.”

See also ESA: Caves 2019. (YouTube, 5:50min)

“In September 2019 in Slovenia, astronauts from five space agencies around the world took part in ESA’s CAVES training course – Cooperative Adventure for Valuing and Exercising human behaviour and performance Skills.

The six ‘cavenauts’ were ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, NASA astronauts Joe Acaba and Jeanette Epps, Roscosmos cosmonaut Nikolai Chub, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Joshua Kutryk and Japan’s space agency JAXA’s Takuya Onishi.

The three-week course prepares astronauts to work effectively in multicultural teams in an environment where safety is critical.

As they explored the caves, they encountered caverns, underground lakes and strange microscopic life. They tested new technology and conducted science – much like life on the International Space Station.

Inhospitable and hard to access, caves are untouched worlds and hold many scientific secrets. The astronauts performed a dozen experiments and were on the lookout for signs of life that has adapted to the extremes. They paid special attention to their environment, monitoring air and water quality, and looking for signs of pollution.”

30 Jahre seit dem Fall der Mauer

Deutsche Welle: Der Tag, an dem die Berliner Mauer fiel. “Am 9. November 1989 endete der globale Kalte Krieg zwischen Diktaturen und Demokratien. Die neu gewonnene Freiheit führte zur Annäherung zwischen Ost und West – aber nicht zu gleichen Lebensverhältnissen.”

Deutsche Welle: Mauerfall-Gedenken in Berlin. “In der Nacht vom 9. zum 10. November 1989 öffnete die DDR die Grenze zur Bundesrepublik. Der Blick zurück ist dankbar und froh. Die Kanzlerin warnt aber vor Rechtsruck und Antisemitismus.”

Deutsche Welle: 30 Jahre Mauerfall. Der Fall der Mauer im TV – “Was sollen wir jetzt machen?” Interview mit Jo Brauner und Angelika Unterlauf, Nachrichtensprechern in der Tagesschau bzw. der Aktuellen Kamera. Mit Aufnahmen der Tagesschau, Aktuellen Kamera, Tagesthemen vom 9. November 1989, sowie einem Interview mit Georg Mascolo, der damals mit einem Filmteam am Grenzübergang Bornholmer Straße war. 30 Jahre Wende

Bundestag: Bundestagsdebatte “30 Jahre Mauerfall” vom 8. November 2019 (YouTube, 1:50h)

“This isn’t a defense strategy. It’s a commandeering of communications and messaging to create an illusion about what’s happening on Capitol Hill.”

Slate: This Impeachment Won’t Be a Legal or Political Battle. It Will Be an Information War. “Republicans are willing to ignore what’s happening because they think they’ll get away with it. They might not be wrong.” By Dahlia Lithwick.

“Confusing and conflating the legal facts of impeachment with the political facts of impeachment is only the first step in the GOP effort to distort the impeachment process. The follow-up strategy is slowly emerging, and it’s as nihilistic as it is terrifying: The White House and Trump’s Republican defenders seem to understand that this is, at its heart, a messaging war. This is politics in the form of who dominates the airwaves. As such, the thrust of the new impeachment defiance will be to simply deny that any of it is happening in the first place. This isn’t an elaborate attempt to push back or to reframe or to counter the impeachment investigation; it’s a media tactic designed solely to deny its very existence. Wednesday’s revelation that Bill Taylor knew he was dealing with a quid pro quo should be the last nail in the bribery/abuse-of-power coffin. But it won’t be, because none of those concepts even figure in the Republican defense strategy.”

Link via MetaFilter.