25 Jan 2000

I’d like to introduce myself first.

My name is Andrea Frick and I’m 24 years old. I study physics and maths at the University of Bonn in order to be a teacher for the German equivalent of senior highschool (Gymnasium), including grades (5 or) 7 to 13. I hopefully am going to finish my studies in the summer or fall of 2001. After that, I’m going to do my Referendariat. This is supposed to be a two year practical preparation for teaching, but in fact you’re doing your job (teaching) full time with being paid much attention by some instructors but little money.

I live in Bonn, Germany, where I share a nice little flat with André (Spicy Noodles), my boyfriend. He also studies physics, but only as a hobby now. Since spring 1999, he’s been working for UserLand.

Besides studying, I also like reading, music (I used to play the piano) and traveling. I plan to publish the journal of André’s and my trip to the western part of the US in September 1999 here – with lots of pictures, of course! (We took about 800.) Here’s a nice one which was taken on our first day in San Francisco by Bob Bierman

On vacation: Andre and I in the US (September 3rd, 1999)

You can see another photo here. This was the first time André went to the US and met his co-workers in real life!

This is my first serious attempt to create a homepage. I hope to be able to improve it soon…

“Bin ich schon drin? – Ich bin drin! Das ist ja einfach!”

In fact, I’ve just found out how to change the colours. Now everything is blue!

Also, it seems like somebody besides André noticed I created this page… after only an hour! Will I be famous now?