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“[D]iscovery is already shedding new light on the ionosphere”

NPR: A New Form Of Northern Lights Discovered In Finland – By Amateur Sky Watchers.

“The group was discussing the phenomenon in the days after Palmroth’s book was published, when one member pointed out that the mysterious phenomenon was happening at that very moment, outside their windows.

So Palmroth suggested a way that the members might be able to help scientists investigate the phenomenon: by taking photographs of it from different locations around Finland, at the exact same time.

Two of the group’s photographers managed to capture pictures of the aurora at the exact same second, from locations 120 kilometers (75 miles) apart. That gave researchers in Palmroth’s group at the University of Helsinki what they needed to measure the aurora and locate it in near-Earth space.”

Failte Gu Port-Adhair Bharraigh [Trip report] Loganair Twin Otter flight from Glasgow to Barra. By Ivan Coninx. Includes links to two YouTube videos of the flights.

“On Tuesday 26 November 2019, I checked off one of my avgeek bucket list items, as I flew on a Loganair Twin Otter from Glasgow to Barra and back. Barra is a Scottish island in the Outer Hebrides, roughly about 226 kilometers (122 nautical miles) from Glasgow. What makes Barra so unique is that it is the only place in the world where scheduled flights land on a beach.

Here is my trip report, so you can relive these two special flights to and from the beach runways at Barra Airport. So fasten your seatbelt, put the table in front of you in the upward position and enjoy this trip report.”

Plattdüütscher Integrationshelper

Yared Dibaba: Plattdeutsch für Anfänger ist eine hübsche kleine Serie, bei der man die wichtigsten Wörter zur Kommunikation mit Norddeutschen lernen kann. Jeder Folge ist kürzer als eine Minute.

  1. Moin
  2. Tschüß
  3. Zahlen
  4. Fofftein
  5. Wochentage
  6. Bannig
  7. Godet wedder
  8. Gau
  9. Klönen
  10. Schnacken
  11. Ackerschnacker
  12. Kuddelmuddel
  13. Laat
  14. Suutje
  15. Löppt
  16. Krüüsch
  17. Töven
  18. Klei mi an mors

Der einzige Begriff, den ich noch nie gehört habe, ist Ackerschnacker. Dafür vermisse ich “vigeliensch” und “brägenklöterig”.