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Adventure in 1944

The Lure of the Open Road. Wartime wandering through the Eastern states by bicycle, truck, and riverboat 1944. By Thelma Popp Jones, 2007.”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Thelma Popp Jones’ account of the adventures she and her friend Doris Roy enjoyed riding their bikes from New York to the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers and working as maids on a boat. (There’s a map and lots of photos, too.)

Link via Ask MetaFilter: A Vintage Bicycle Tour.

Ten years ago

Since it’s all over every newspaper, TV channel and other media anyway, I’ll just post a few links.

Fray: Missing Pieces

“On September 11, 2001, an unthinkable act of terrorism occured in New York City and Washington DC. It left holes in our lives, holes in the skyline, holes in our spirit. These are some of the stories of those who were there. These are our missing pieces.”

Two recent MetaFilter threads of relevance:
Ask MeFi: Help me briefly re-live 9/11 as it happened.
MeFi: Teaching 9/11.

The documentary 102 Minutes That Changed America is recommended in the first thread.

Zeit online: Thema: Zehn Jahre nach dem 11. September.

Ten years ago, I only posted a brief note because it was already afternoon here in Germany when the attacks happened and because André and I were glued to the online stream of BBC World News for the rest of the day. I elaborated a bit the following day.

Two links on color

Design Seeds “for all who love color” shows photos and color palettes derived from them. Great inspirational material if you’re looking for a color scheme for your next quilt or website design or other creative project.

A smart bear: Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works is an article about the color wheel and the primary colors used in print (yellow, magenta, cyan) and light (red, green, blue).

Almost ten years ago

The Economist (Print edition September 3rd, 2011)

September 11th 2001: Ten years on. “America has made mistakes over the past decade, but it cannot afford to drop its guard against al-Qaeda.”

As America prepares to mark the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon, the events of September 11th 2001 are still shaping history. The country’s fightback against al-Qaeda this past decade has been both relentless and, in many ways, successful. Even before its SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in May, America had eviscerated his organisation. Hundreds of its people have been captured and killed and many of its most dangerous plots thwarted. Its new second-in-command was killed just last month. Leon Panetta, a former director of the CIA and now defence secretary, gave a needless hostage to fortune when he said during a recent visit to Afghanistan that America was within reach of inflicting a “strategic defeat“ on al-Qaeda. The organisation still has a dangerous presence in Yemen, among other places. But after a decade of intelligence-gathering, counter-attacks and defensive measures, America does seem a good deal less vulnerable than it was on September 10th ten years ago.