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In an octopus’s garden…

MetaFilter: “You’d chase them under the tank, back and forth, like you were chasing a cat“ links to Deep Intellect
Inside the mind of the octopus
by Sy Montgomery.

There are some other interesting links in the comments, a mimic octopus alternately morphing into a flatfish, several sea snakes, and a lionfish and the oldie-but-goldie Where’s the octopus? (longer version than the one you may have seen years and years ago).

There’s more octopus goodness in this older thread, for example this anecdote about a pet octopus.

Jobs and Gates at D5

After hearing about Steve Jobs passing away yesterday I read through most of this MetaFilter thread: Steve Jobs RIP. This lead me to a video of an interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates during the D5 conference in May 2007: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together, available on All Things D (in seven parts) or YouTube (in eleven parts).

Update: Here’s the The Economist‘s obituary, published in tomorrow’s edition.