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“Immer wieder Angriffe auf Rabbiner”

Deutsche Welle: Erneut Angriff auf Rabbiner in Deutschland. “Schon wieder wird in Deutschland ein Rabbiner auf der Straße beleidigt und bespuckt. Die Europäische Rabbinerkonferenz sieht “das religiöse Miteinander in Deutschland” und die Religionsfreiheit bedroht.”

“Teichtal hofft auf eine Reaktion der gesamten Gesellschaft. “Alle Menschen in Deutschland sollten die Zivilcourage haben, aufzustehen und zu sagen: Das wollen und werden wir nicht akzeptieren! Wir werden keine Akzeptanz für Inakzeptanz haben und keine Toleranz für Intoleranz.””

“Steven got on a plane like most people get on a bus“

The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket
“My dad was one of the only people with a good-for-life, go-anywhere American Airlines pass. Then they took it away. This is the true story of having—and losing—a superpower.” By Caroline Rothstein.

“In the early 1980s, American rolled out AAirpass, a prepaid membership program that let very frequent flyers purchase discounted tickets by locking in a certain number of annual miles they presumed they might fly in advance. My 30-something-year-old father, having been a frequent flyer for his entire life, purchased one. Then, a few years later, American introduced something straight out an avid traveler’s fantasy: an unlimited ticket.

In 1987, amidst a lucrative year as a Bear Stearns stockbroker, my father became one of only a few dozen people on earth to purchase an unlimited, lifetime AAirpass. A quarter of a million dollars gave him access to fly first class anywhere in the world on American for the rest of his life. He flew so much it paid for itself.”

Link via MetaFilter.