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Wandern? Wandern!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Mal ein paar Tage ‘raus in die Natur? Die Seite Top Trails of Germany, Deutschlands beste Wanderwege bietet Informationen zu 16 Wanderwegen mit mehreren Etappen in (fast) ganz Deutschland.

This site is also available in English: Top Trails of Germany – Germany’s best hiking trails.

Einige dieser Wege kenne ich bereits aus eigener Erfahrung bzw. Erwanderung:

Bare Trees and Mistletoe

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Today’s weather meant no good photos from my Sunday walk, so here’s one from last Sunday instead.

Trees with mistletoe growing in them, fish ponds, near the Rhine.

Sunny Weekend

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

We had really lovely weather these past days, really spring-like and almost warm at 12°C (54°F), so I went for long walks three days in a row. This photo is from yesterday and shows the river Rhine roughly at the point that is closest to our house.


Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Wanderreporter: Unterwegs im Felsenwald (Pfalz).

“Der Name macht schon neugierig: Felsenwaldtour. Wie sieht wohl ein Wald aus Felsen aus? Die Südpfalz ist ja bekannt für ihre vielen Sandsteinfelsen. Und tatsächlich gibt es im Gebiet östlich von Pirmasens viele schöne Felsen, der bekannteste ist wohl das Felsentor. Die Felsenwaldtour ist ein Ende 2016 markierter Wanderweg und führt auf 13,4 km auf schönen Pfaden und einigen Schotterwegen an vielen dieser Steinformationen vorbei. Erfreulicherweise ist der Asphaltanteil sehr gering, er beschränkt sich auf ein kurzes Stück am Forsthaus Beckenhof. Das Wegzeichen der Runde ist ein stilisiertes rotes Felsentor auf weißem Grund.”

“I attempted to create a library of black excellence along the Appalachian Trail.”

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Atlas Obscura: Exit Interview: I Was a Black, Female Thru-Hiker on the Appalachian Trail. “On joining an exclusive group that’s 75 percent male and overwhelmingly white.” By Sarah Laskow.

“About two weeks ago, I was looking to see if there were any other black women who thru-hiked in 2016 and blogged about it, and I found one. It was called She talked about running into a hiker with a Make American Great Again hat. His trail name was MAGA. I don’t know what I would have done.
One of the reasons I did this in 2016 was that I wasn’t so sure I would do it in 2017. If I were planning my thru-hike for this year, I’m not sure I’d go. That’s sad. It’s really, really, really sad. The rule is you don’t talk about politics on the trail, but it’s going to become increasingly hard not to. Especially if you want to talk about diversity or the environment.”

Buzzfeed: How Black Books Lit My Way Along The Appalachian Trail. “I can confirm that one does not walk 2,000 miles across the face of this country as a black woman without building up an incredible sense of self.” By Rahawa Haile.

Links via MetaFilter: And I thought, maybe I could hike this trail one day.