“The EPA finally banned indoor use of the pesticide in 2001.”

Medium: My Quest to Understand What Caused My Children’s Birth Defects. “A journey into my family history, the chemical industry, and genetics”. By Amy Roost.

“It matters because the government is no longer working for the people or public health when a $1 million donation by Dow Chemical to the Trump Inauguration happens to coincide with former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt rejecting the advice of his agency’s chemical safety experts and reversing the Obama era’s prohibition against agricultural uses of chlorpyrifos. Fortunately, environmentalists and public health advocates were quick to file suit. A federal appeals court has issued a stay effectively banning the agricultural use of the chlorpyrifos until the case is settled. The EPA has appealed the court’s decision and the $800 billion chemical industry lobby will undoubtedly hire the best lawyers money can buy.

It matters because Dow continues to sell chlorpyrifos without proper warning labels in developing nations.”

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