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Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year, James!

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Mit Traditionen soll man ja bekanntlich nicht brechen. Wer heute aber keine 10 Minuten Zeit hat, um sich das ganze Stück anzuschauen, dem sei Dinner for one in 30 seconds ans Herz gelegt.

Guten Rutsch!

“An old tongue’s new tricks”

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

The Economist: The strange reinvention of Icelandic. “A language both ancient and modern.”

“In perhaps their most famous example of purist creativity, when a word for computer was needed in the 1960s, the planners coined tölva, combining tala (“number”) and völva, an old word for prophetess. When doctors started talking about AIDS using the English acronym rather than its long, literal Icelandic translation, heilkenni áunnins ónæmisbrests [spoken], the committee coined two shorter alternatives: alnæmi [spoken], something like “all-susceptibility”, and eyðni, which sounds like the English term, but comes from the Icelandic eyða, meaning “to destroy”. When Icelanders started saying “podcast”, the council quickly responded with hlaðvarp [spoken], from roots meaning “charge” (squint and you can see hlaða as a distant cousin to “load”) and “throw”.”

Twilight of American Sanity

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Inquring Minds: Allen Frances – A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump. “We talk to renowned psychiatrist Allen Frances about his latest book Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump.” The Podcast (42:19min) was first aired October 17, 2017 and is available for download, on iTunes etc., or here:

Yes, I’m a little behind on my podcasts, but I’m catching up during the winter holidays.

Anschlag vereitelt

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Deutsche Welle: Terrorverdächtiger in Karlsruhe festgenommen. “Ein Terrorverdächtiger soll den Karlsruher Schlossplatz ins Visier genommen haben. Nach ersten Erkenntnissen wollte der Mann dort mit einem Auto Menschen in den Tod reißen oder verletzen.”

Das wäre gleich bei uns um die Ecke gewesen.

Facebook is cutting out the human element of [tagging the photo]

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

NPR the two-way: Facebook Expands Use Of Facial Recognition To ID Users In Photos.

“Facebook is expanding its use of facial recognition software to alert users when photos of them are posted on the platform — whether or not they are tagged in the photo.

By default, Facebook users in the U.S. will be signed up for these face recognition alerts, unless they have previously opted out of a similar, more limited feature. But users can turn off face recognition, Facebook says.

Additionally, the company says it will roll out new tools to alert users if someone else may be impersonating them with a misleading profile photo.”