October 5 2000

Another historical day?

Jan-Willem Swane over at Tsja talks about Yugoslavia. He wonders whether the era of Slobodan Milosevic is finally over.

I’ve been following the news on the radio today, and it seems that Milosevic has sort of disappeared since more and more people support his opponent. Even the news agency, Tanjug, no longer supports him…

Since I can’t get through to CNN at the moment, I can only offer some German news pages on this: Seite 1: Kampf um Belgrad, Tagesschau: Kampf um die Macht in Jugoslawien.

Not famous yet?!

Dave reports that Alex Bierman and his father, Bob, went to a baseball game and managed to get their picture into two newspapers – the San Jose Mercury and the New York Daily News.

André and I met Alex on our first day of our trip to the US last year. I knew I should have asked him for his autograph! facehappy:

Jordan Curve Theorem

I found a good page on the Jordan Curve Theorem, by Octavian Cismasu.

So what’s this theorem? Here’s an

Jordan’s Theorem Light: One can’t get from one side of a line to the other side without crossing the line.

“Now this may sound like a silly theorem (and maybe it is) but the weird thing about it is that it is also a difficult theorem. So it’s hard to prove that you can’t crawl through a line without hitting any of the points on it. But what exactly is it that one should prove? One will have to expain what a ‘line’ is, what ‘crossing it’ means, what ‘sides’ are, etc.”

Good thing that I don’t have to do the proof from scratch. I only need to find a proof somewhere that I’m able to understand…

Good morning!

Totally forgot to link to this yesterday: Jeff pointed to Space Week, a must visit for all those wannabe astronauts out there…