Daily Archives: October 22, 2000

October 22 2000

Hey there!

I just found the Bumblebee Weblog in my referrer logs. For the second time. The author is Helena from Toronto, Canada. I wonder how she stumbled across my blog… but it’s nice to get to know a new regular (?) reader. Oh, and I just read that she likes sunsets, too.

Hello Helena! Nice to meet you!

Coke Discussion

Discussion is still continouing. Terry Henert found a web page with lots of numbers comparing the US to other rich nations: A comparison of the U.S. to other rich nations. The numbers are from 1992, but they’re still interesting although I’m not sure they’re all correct. For example, I believe the government debt per person is higher in Germany than the page says.

Update: Scott says he thinks the numbers for Germany are all pre-reunification, and for the Western part of Germany only. That makes sense. Thanks, Scott.

By the way, this discussion shows how useful the new topic view for the discussion group is. Now you can see all the messages of a topic at once, without switching browser windows or clicking back and forth.

Fall in Bonn

André and I went to Bad Godesberg by bike today. We bought tickets for the cinema, but had almost an hour left before the film started, so we went to the Rhine. Look at that beautiful weather!

Godesberg Anleger: Godesberg Petersberg:
Godesberg Drachenfels: Godesberg Gutenberg:

Then we watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. It was not quite as funny as The Big Lebowski, but still very good. We enjoyed it. I guess we have to watch Fargo next….

David Singer in Germany

I just read David‘s home page. He flew to Stuttgart today and had a very typical German lunch: Döner Kebab.

Judging from his photos, the weather in Stuttgart was as good as in Bonn today.

Ah, sunshine

It’s a beautiful beautiful day here in Bonn today. Clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight, sunshine, almost 20°C (almost 70°F). Lovely!

I think we will go out now – either for a walk or a little bike tour. Who knows when the weather will be this great again? Might well be in half a year or so…

Updates later…