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October 20 2000


I’m working my way through elliptic functions now… Here are graphs of the Weierstrass Elliptic Function and its derivative.

Weierstrass function:

Weierstrass derivative:

Some links:

Coke discussion

There are some postings about Coca Cola in the discussion group, both in German and English. The latter is not just about Coke, but also about the upcoming presidential elections in the US:

“After reading the comments about Coke in the schools made in July and September it reminds me, again!, of how incredibly conservative and brainwashed we Americans are. Regarding Coke and Pepsi in the schools, it clearly makes good sense to try to protect ourselves and our kids from destructive habits and influences. However, here in the US most have lost the perspective of how much the corporations control our lives (and thoughts).


It shows a fundamental difference, I think, between the US, the knowledge and viewpoint, and the rest of the Western World. Most Americans have no idea how conservative they really are.

Comments please!

Thanks for your comment, Garret!

Get well soon!

Frauke, Scott and Christopher are back from their trip to the US, but it seems they all caught bronchitis and stomach flu.

And Garret is still ill…

Get well, all of you!

Did Adam and Eve have navels?

Garret links to a Salon review of the book “Did Adam and Eve have Navels?” by Martin Gardner. Sounds like a book I’d like to read!