Daily Archives: October 1, 2000

October 1 2000


Just in case anyone is interested: I finally managed to calculate that damn icosahedron equation today. kugel:

Lemme see… since when have I been working on that one?!?

Back home

Martin has returned from the Allgäu. He promises more photos to come soon!

Und zwei weitere Kapitel von Das rote Band gibt’s auch. facehappy:


Susan has finally finished both the book and the “Seedy Rom”! Now it’s time to party…

Congratulations, Susan!

What’s your name?

On Über.nu: Names for a New Millenium, by Adam Mathes.

“Last names are so middle ages.” I think I need my own domain… or will I just be Andrea EditThisPageDotCom?!

I thought about renaming my weblog. “Andrea’s Weblog” is just so boring… but so far I haven’t come up with even a single good idea.

Weblog stuff

Dave has a link to You say you want a revolution…, an article about the weblog revolution. Which in turn pointed to Fear of links, a Salon article by Scott Rosenberg.