Daily Archives: October 15, 2000

October 15 2000

Mathematics again!

Craig once again has so many interesting links: More from Flatland.

He’s got the flu

Garret says he’s ill and feels small. Get well soon, Garret!


Yay, the Home Page Template for Manila is here! Now your homepage can have a different template than the other pages. I just changed my template. The ‘old’ template is now the template of the home page, and I removed all the weblogs links and the Weblogs.Com banner ad from the template for the rest of my site, so the other pages, including the discussion, should load faster now.

AndrĂ© uses the new feature to display a random photo from our trip to the US on his home page. He had taken them down for the Behind the Curtain project so the pictures wouldn’t slow down our gallery.