Daily Archives: October 24, 2000

October 24 2000

At the ‘Fiddler’s’

Yay, it was quiz day at the Fiddler’s. They handed a sheet with 25 questions out to every table, and the one with the most correct answers won 5 (imperial) pints of beverages. We were second best with 16 out of 25 points and won 2 pints. That was half a pint for each of the five of us.

The questions were all about Ireland or Great Britain, except for one that was meant to confuse people, I think: ‘Where was Beethoven born?’ – Even I knew he was born in Bonn, although I’ve only been living here for a couple of years.

The other questions were more difficult. Do you know what a ‘Baker’s dozen’ is? Or who sang ‘Tainted Love’? The name of the band Annie Lennox sang with before the ‘Eurythmics’? Which town’s football team is called ‘toffee makers’? What is celebrated on November 5th? How many balls in a ‘cricket over’? How many airports does Belfast have? In which town is the Grand national horse race?

Correct answers tomorrow, if I can still remember them then, heehee.

Found it?

Garret mentions that he and Sandra seem to have found a house. Good luck!

Silly Putty

And once again, I found a Silly Putty related link: Silicone Bouncing Putty on the web. It seems the owner is a serious Silly Putty fan because he has advice on how to order large amounts of Silicone Putty, 100 pounds and up! It seems they use a different kind of Putty than the one that comes in those little eggs.


Whenever I go over to View from the Heart these days, I am surprised by a new theme. I’m curious about that new design Al mentioned the other day.

Slow day

Oh, what a slow day. I don’t seem to get anything done. No math, nothing to post on the weblog, nothing else.

Tonight, AndrĂ© and I will meet with some friends we haven’t seen in a while at the Fiddler’s. So the day will at least not be completely wasted.