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October 17 2000


… it was Martin‘s last day at his old job today. It seems he has a few weeks off before starting his new job on November 1st. Yay for Martin!


The discussion group has – or can have – a new look!

I guess I’ll have to take a closer look at the new prefs page for the discussion group… tomorrow. I’m still busy doing math. Still? Actually, I didn’t really get started until 8 pm today, and now it’s almost 11 pm. Oh well.

Neues vom ‘Traveling salesman’-Problem?!

Näheres in diesem Heise-Newsticker-Artikel: Informatik-Problem P=NP möglicherweise geknackt.

Update: Die NetDyslexen haben dazu einen Kommentar, siehe hier: “Plotnikov writes bullshit!”

A brief history…

of the internet. I found this on in The future of the internet, also on Discover.Com.

The end…

Discover.Com: 20 ways the world could end. The author, Corey Powell, talks about several natural or human-triggered disasters and even alien invasion! Maybe the author has read too many sci-fi stories…

Link via blackholebrain.

Benjamin Blümchen

I think this is the strangest thing I’ve encountered so far – much better than the weirdest search requests in referrer logs…

A while ago, I said something about Benjamin Blümchen, who is a speaking elephant that is well-known to German kids.

Today, I received a message from a German company via email:

Urgent inquiry for Bejamin Blümchen toys

Dear Sirs,

We are an international trading company, mainly serving the European industry.

The [company name] purchases globally on own account and then resells the products to various clients. Our aim is to source globally and to offer our clients the best prices worldwide.

From one of our own or rented databases we have retrieved your address as potential supplier of the product(s) we would like to purchase this time. If you can promptly give us your very best quote you might be chosen as the supplier we have been looking for as early as next week.

At the moment we are looking for every kind of Benjamin Blümchen articles. […]

And they asked me to let them know if I received the message in error…

Update: Martin got the same email! And why? Because he talked about my posting on his weblog…