October 2 2000

Behind the curtain

Today on my three-BTC-galleries-a-day journey I went to A. J. Briones‘s gallery. On the title page for the gallery, I read this:

“As a side note, thanks to the ‘Behind the Curtain’ project, I have great memories of our home, which was lost in a fire on September 21. I would like to take this time to thank all who have expressed concern and went above and beyond the definitions of friendship and family to help my family out during a time of need. Things can be replaced, but all of you will never be forgotten. “

Quite shocking that the pictures launched on September 24 show a home that existed on September 17/18, but burnt down in the meantime…

And yet, it seems that the project at least helped preserve some memories.

Peanuts 50: Happy Birthday!

Today is the Peanuts’ 50th birthday. Congratulations!

Check out This day in Peanuts History. “Newcomer Charlie Brown takes his first steps into the comics.”

Here is the Peanuts History Timeline. 2 October 1950: First Peanuts comic strip appears in seven U.S. daily newspapers.

Moving soon

Garret is moving to his own domain. Cool!


Once more, Craig found an interesting link for me: An Illustration and Mensuration of Solid Geometry. Thanks, Craig!

Laughing to death?

Al, I hope you are okay. Your story sounded quite scary…

Update: Al reassures us he’s doing fine and is being careful.

Monday, Monday

Another new week, and it’s starting with beautiful sunshine here in Bonn, Germany. We might get a nice fall after a not-so-nice summer after all. “Golden October”…

The good thing about this week is that tomorrow, October 3rd, is the Reunification Day in Germany – and that means no work! At least it means no work if you go to work, it doesn’t make much of a difference for me.

One thought on “October 2 2000

  1. Alwin Hawkins

    I’m fine, Andrea. I’ve come close to the edge like that a few times in the past few years, “graying out” but never pushing myself over the edge.

    I know better. Grandpa always put himself into cardiac arrest straining to…, errr, he always did it in the seated position in the bathroom. After the first time he said, “I am never going to let myself get caught in that position again.” He was almost right.

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