Daily Archives: September 27, 2000

September 27 2000

Lots of work

Hmmm… I haven’t been updating my weblog very often today. Instead, I worked on my thesis. And here is the proof that mathematics can be fun and aesthetical too! The picture shows a projection of an icosahedron onto a plane. All faces of the icosahedron are divided into six triangles, and to make them visible, I have painted each face in one color.

The not so nice part of the icosahedron is the ‘icosahedron equation’, and that’s what I’ve been working on today instead of weblogging…

(Yes, I know it’s not a very nice picture; I took a photo of the sheet of paper on which I did the drawing.)

Fountains of fire on the sun

Garret points to this article on CNN. It has impressive photos of solar coronal loops. These loops can be as high as 300,000 miles!

More info about solar activity can be found at the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a collaboration between NASA and ESA. They have a picture gallery as well as lots of information.

Thanks to Daniel for the link!

And by the way, Daniel has some nice sailing photos, too.


Just as I type this, a thunderstorm is hitting Bonn. The weather has changed dramatically since yesterday. While it was all sunny and quite warm yesterday, today it’s overcast and rainy, so I took the train and bus to and from the University. Outside, it’s almost twilight although it’s only 1 p.m.. And now we have this nice thunderstorm with lots of rain. I’m glad I’m home and don’t have to go out again today.

Weather update: The sun came out at around 5 p.m., and just now we’re having a beautiful sunset. And I didn’t realize in time, so I can’t get a photo of it for you. You can’t really see the sun set from our house, I would have to ride out on the ‘Messdorfer Feld’ for the photo, and if I went now, the sun would be down by the time I arrive there…