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September 14 2000

20 Questions

If you don’t spend too much time on the web already, check out 20 Questions. You think of an object, the computer will ask you questions and try to guess what it is. Fun!

At the end of a game, you can use your answers to update the database of the game. If you do, you get some statements about the answers you gave. For example:

Dikdik: I thought of a dik dik, and the computer told me that…

Answers for your Unknowns:

  • A dik dik probably doesn’t have monetary value
  • A dik dik was not used over 100 years ago

Things I [the computer] didn’t know:

  • You don’t need a dik dik to go bowling
  • You cannot buy a dik dik at a store
  • Will a dik dik make your breath smell sweeter – No

Link via /usr/bin/girl.

Wow! There are now more than 100 participants! facehappy:

You have been assimilated

It seems to be contagious… Several people tried the Cyborger: Duncan, Hal, Martin, Garret.

I should mention that I found the Cyborger on the Netdyslexia crew page.

Computers Don’t Help Kids

“Billions of dollars spent on school computers and Internet connections deliver little long-term benefit and could be better spent on more teachers and other improvements”.

Wired News: Study – Computers Don’t Help Kids

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Not so sunny any more

The weather is getting colder, and the sun has gone. I wish it had stayed nice for the weekend and the Behind the curtain project (which has more than 84 participants by now!), but I guess the weather is not that important. My camera has a flashlight after all.