Daily Archives: September 1, 2000

September 1 2000

andre-west: Changes, changes…

AndrĂ© stopped working for UserLand yesterday in order to go back to university. I guess some people are really glad to hear that, yes, he’s finally going to finish his physics diploma… wink:

Argh! More Lego!

I don’t think Zannah reads my blog, but she had this link to Lego Watches. Coincidence?!

(Yeah, I had quite a few Lego links yesterday.)


devil: Grrr! Yesterday I was finally sick of these noshockwave: that told me I needed the Shockwave plugin for my browser. I went and downloaded the plugin, then installed it and visited a few sites to finally look at their cool animated graphics or whatever they did with Flash.

But what happened? The Internet Explorer has crashed at least five times (since yesterday evening) without any reason. And I didn’t even load any sites with Flash! That hasn’t happened before. sadface:

So what do I do about it? Yes, I deleted the Shockwave plugin. Since then, everything is working smoothly again. smile:

I’m sorry for the sites that use Flash – I’m not going there any more. I haven’t seen a useful application of Flash anyway.

It’s all okay

Martin gives us the latest news on his family.

It’s good to hear his son and wife are well! facehappy:


I’ve added a few photos on my Amsterdam pages.

Yes, they were on the PictureCD along with the Expo and Rainforest House photos. That film lasted a long time…

Autumn – or is it fall?

It’s the first day of September… the summer is almost over. It’s raining in Bonn today.