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September 10 2000


Today, André and I took a bike tour to Brühl, which is about 20 km north of Bonn. It took about six hours, and you can see André is totally knocked out now.

We took a few pictures:

Andrea in Blumen
Rotkohl nah
Andre in BruehlSelbstportraitAndrea im Gras

As you can see, we were chased by a fire engine in the middle of some beet fields and once got stuck in a Rotkohl field… but we made it to Brühl and its two castles: The Hunting Lodge Falkenburg is the smaller, white one on the picture with the impressive oak. The tree was more impressive than the castle! The bigger castle is called Schloß Augustusburg and is the main castle. It’s much bigger and has a beautiful garden.

I need to get a haircut!

Twentyfour hours in Weblogland

It’s taking shape… BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a day in the life of webloggers. – first draft/comment freely, please.

Garret came up with the idea yesterday: “we ought to all get together, agree on a day, and do a ’24 hours in the life of manila weblogs’ or something like that. share via photos where we live, what we do.”

Susan picked up the idea and started a survey to find out which day would be best.

Also, Al sort of started a participants’ thread on Garret’s discussion group. Go and post an answer if you are going to participate, too!

This is going to be fun!

By the way, Susan also pointed to A wrinkle in time, which is a similar project.

Der Zeit voraus?!

Zeit voraus

Oops, wie konnte denn das passieren?! Wahrscheinlich war ich gedanklich schon bei Twentyfour Hours in Weblogland

Danke für den Hinweis, Jörg – machst Du bei den 24 Hours auch mit?

Der Jörg hatte auch noch diesen Link zu Zusatzstoffen online. Nützlich.