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September 23 2000

Okay, final note for today. It’s 3 a.m., the gallery is done. I need matchsticks between my eyelids to keep my eyes open…

I see that some people are still working on theirs, while some others have finished their homework early.
So good night, and see you ‘behind the curtain’ tomorrow!

Andre does BTC:

Guess what we’re doing right now! wink:


I’ve been looking for even more polyhedra. George Hart (see below) has a “virtual book” about them. Some parts of it require a VRML plugin. If you need help with those weird polyhedron names (What the heck is a ‘trapezoidal icositetrahedron’?), go see the page about polyhedra naming.

A lot of info with pictures, animations and mathematical background can be found at Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics. I especially like the live graphics you can grab and turn with your mouse.

Geometric sculptures

Who said math is boring? Check out these geometric sculptures by George W. Hart. (By the way, there’s a photo of his office on his home page. Would you want to work there?)

Apart from being really nice art, his sculptures are also a good way to recycle floppy disks or plastic cutlery – but mind you, this is no picnic!

If you want to try to build a sculpture yourself, why don’t you start with this one – you need only 72 pencils and lots of patience!
disk combobulation:

Beatiful landscapes

I just found this link on Tsja: Landscapes by Onno Zweers. He has beautiful landscape pictures. Reload the homepage to see new ones, or click on one of the pictures to see more. The site is bilingual: Dutch and English.

I especially liked the idea of how this photo was taken.

Allergic to certain skin colors?

I just heard in the news that a woman in Hamburg, Germany, told a man from Cameroon to get out of her way on the sidewalk because she’s allergic to dark skin. Can you believe it? At least the man knew his rights and reported the woman to the police.

As if this isn’t bad enough, the woman found a doctor who certified that the woman indeed had an allergy. She was fined nevertheless, and now the General Medical Council in Hamburg is sceduling a hearing to decide if this doctor will be allowed to practice in the future.

This is really disturbing to hear, and I find it hard to believe that this is happening in Germany. It’s scary. I really do hope that the doctor is fined, too, and loses his license.

I’m trying to find the story on the net, preferably in English, so you can read for yourselves.