Daily Archives: September 22, 2000

September 22 2000

Time flies

I can’t believe it’s fall already. I guess I wouldn’t even had noticed if Hal and Susan had not mentioned it. Susan remarks that we did the Behind the curtain shooting in summer and will post the pictures in fall.

Funny that the weather today, on the first day of fall, was much better than on Sunday, when it was still summer and we had hoped for good weather for the shooting…

Hmmm… Thinking about it, so far we’ve had a nice September (except for Sunday), especially compared to July and August which were nothing but rain. But September is almost over, and there are already Lebkuchen in the supermarket… I guess it won’t be long until Christmas now! wink:

A browser that talks math

Thanks, Craig, for the link to NetMath, the math-aware browser. I tried to download it, but the server seems to be unavailable at the moment.

Good news!

It seems that Martin‘s interview was successful and he’s got a new job. Congratulations!


Hal has horros stories about dentists. Sounds terrible. But it also sounds like you’ve found a good dentist now, and I hope you get better soon, Hal!

Somehow, his stories make me very glad that I have not yet had any holes drilled in my teeth or have had to endure any of the other cruelties a dentist can do to you. The worst encounter I had with a dentist was when I was about ten.

I had four molar teeth pulled out (in three sessions) because my jaw was too small to hold them all, and then I had too wear braces for about four years. They were of the kind you only have to wear at night, so it was not too bad. During that time, I went to the dentist every two to four weeks, but that was only to keep an eye on how the braces were working.

A nice side-effect of the procedure was that, having only 24 ‘normal’ teeth, I have enough room in my yaw for the wisdom teeth, three of which already have appeared without any problems. The fourth seems to be on it’s way, and I don’t have to have them pulled out, like many other people I know.