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September 18 2000

One more thing before I go to bed:

Aila and Jonas behind the curtainAila and Jonas did it, too!

And Brad of BradLands is “Behind the curtin”.

“Big brother is watching you”

I joined the club and added this Site Meter thingy to my page. Now I will be able to see who visits me when, from where, why and how long. Your every move on this site will be observed, recorded, categorized, and statisticized.

You have been warned. wink:

Welcome back II

Martin reports that his wife and son are back from the hospital… this time for good, I hope. Enjoy your vacation, Familie Spernau, und bleibt gesund!

Oh, und viel Erfolg beim Interview am Mittwoch, Martin!

Welcome back

Wow! After six months and a day, David Theige flipped the page again on Carpe Diem. He’s trying out Radio UserLand.

sheep jump: Määäääh!

If you have the Flash plugin installed, go and see these cute sheep! They’re a little demo for a game, but I like the row of jumping sheep much more than the game. Only the sheep don’t go Määäh! in the demo.

Where else could I have found this link than on /usr/bin/girl?!

P.S.: The link to /usr/bin/girl does not work. Yet. It seems the blogger ‘permalinks’ don’t work as long as the posting is still visible on the page. When it goes into the archive, it will work, hopefully.

VanEats Behind the Curtain Small: VanEats - Behind the Curtain - Barb and I September 17, 2000Here’s another one… by Barb Wong and Roland Tanglao of VanEats.

Behind the curtain

There are now 167 participants. Among the last who joined are a few from exotic places: India, Brasil, Japan!

Now I’m off to the university…