Daily Archives: September 20, 2000

September 20 2000

Weren’t the olympics about sports?

I just found this on Tsja and couldn’t believe it’s true:

Pepsi, the choice of a new generation…
… if you have a choice. Everyone who tries to enter an olympic venue with a can of Pepsi is forced to leave it behind. It’s banned because Coca-Cola payed $1 billion to be an olympic sponsor.

Blogstart button:

This looks like it’s going to be a useful site with lots of information. I said ‘is going to be’ because it’s brand new. It’s run by Zannah, owner of /usr/bin/girl.

There’s a collection of weblog links, neatly categorized, plus a bunch of useful weblog-related links. I already submitted my weblog to Blogstart. Who’s next?!

Welcome to the future

Sheila tells about her first encounter with a speaking gas pump.

Craig behind the curtainBehind the curtain

Congratulations! Craig, you win in the category silliest ‘Behind the Curtain’ sticker.

These ‘behind the curtain’ photos seem to be a dangerous, contagious desease.

Who’s next?

glowing sunflower: Guten Morgen!

Great day. I’m actually awake, and have been since the alarm went off. I feel a lot better than yesterday, so I may get some work done today.

Now if only it would stop raining. I want to go to the university by bike, rather than by bus. The bus is always crowded and takes much longer than it takes if I go by bike.