Daily Archives: September 26, 2000

September 26 2000


Have you read John’s Coca Cola story? Somehow, I think I won’t drink the stuff ever again. I was never a great fan of Cola, but I admit that I drink it from time to time.

Cola that eats through the can, I can’t believe it…


I’m so stupid! David, I read your entry from yesterday and concluded it was your birthday. I even sent Al an email about it so he could put you on Birthdays.Weblogs.com. And then I forgot to say Happy Birtday to you!

Sorry about that. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!

Still behind the curtain

I’m still surprised how many pictures people shot for Behind the Curtain, and how different and interesting they all are, even if the photographer claims to have had a boring day.

Garret is putting up more pictures, and there are still quite a few galleries left for me to look at.

It’s nice to get feedback on our own photos. Craig, the photo you pointed to was especially for you! When André and I saw the book, we just looked at it other and grinned, and I took the picture. Here is another photo of it from the other side.

The comment that surprised me most, however, came from Rick Saenz:

So I know now that […] André and Andrea win the prize for Sweetest Couple hands down. And that it’s a rare privilege to get better acquainted with the rest of you.

Thanks Rick. I agree with your last sentence! facehappy: