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“Together in the chrysalis”

OK Go Sandbox: Art Together Now (Symphony From Home Version). (YouTube, 4:54min)

“In the first few weeks of the pandemic, OK GO wrote and recorded a song together, alone in our homes. A few months later, a high school choir from Long Island asked for the sheet music, so they could collaborate from their homes the same way. We loved that idea, and invited the world to join. The video you’re about to see is one of the six new pieces made by more than 15,000 musicians, artists, and students from 35 states and 21 countries.”

The original song is OK Go – All Together Now (Official Video). (YouTube, 5:09min), and here’s the link to the project at the OK Go Sandbox.

Nerdy Christmas Lights

Matt Parker (Stand-up Maths): I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated their 3D coordinates.. (YouTube, 24:37min)

Link and headline stolen from MetaFilter.
My favourite comment:

I’m surprised that he built a project involving lighting up a plane through a cone-shaped tree and didn’t mention conic sections. Missed opportunity, really.
It was a bit elliptic, so you might have missed it — but, between the hyperbole and the circular references, he did offer a parable about a cone and a plane.”