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‘Jaw dropped’

BBC News: Long-lost Lewis Chessman found in Edinburgh family’s drawer. “A medieval chess piece that was missing for almost 200 years had been unknowingly kept in a drawer by an Edinburgh family.”

“They had no idea that the object was one of the long-lost Lewis Chessmen – which could now fetch £1m at auction.

The chessmen were found on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 but the whereabouts of five pieces have remained a mystery.

The Edinburgh family’s grandfather, an antiques dealer, had bought the chess piece for £5 in 1964.

He had no idea of the significance of the 8.8cm piece (3.5in), made from walrus ivory, which he passed down to his family.

They have looked after it for 55 years without realising its importance, before taking it to Sotheby’s auction house in London.”


Notre Dame

Deutsche Welle: Spenden für Wiederaufbau von Notre-Dame. “Nach der immensen Zerstörung der Pariser Kathedrale Notre-Dame stehen bereits mehrere Hundert Millionen Euro für den Wiederaufbau des Wahrzeichens bereit. Bürgermeisterin Hidalgo schlug eine Geberkonferenz vor.”

Notre-Dame: Kölns Ex-Dombaumeisterin Schock-Werner bietet Hilfe an. “Notre-Dame in Flammen: In kürzester Zeit verbrannten weite Teile des Daches über dem Hauptschiff, ein Turm stürzte ein. Kölns ehemalige Dombaumeisterin Barbara Schock-Werner zieht eine erste Schadensbilanz aus der Ferne.”

The Guardian: Notre Dame was ‘15 to 30 minutes’ away from complete destruction. “Firefighters risked their lives to stop the raging fire spreading to the two belfry towers.”

Link via MetaFilter.

“The color is almost intact even though the tomb is almost 4,400 years old”

The Washington Post: Look inside a ‘one of a kind,’ 4,400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt. “A newly discovered, well-preserved tomb in Egypt has been determined to be the final resting place of a royal priest[…] Photos and videos of the tomb, which is more than 4,000 years old, show its exceptional condition. Waziri said the find was “one of a kind in the last decades,” according to Reuters.”

Der fotografierende Rettungssanitäter 30 Jahre später: Fotograf zeigt mit Damals-heute-Fotos, wie sich Menschen verändern. “Chris Porsz fotografierte in den Siebzigern und Achtzigern Passant*innen auf den Straßen seiner Heimatstadt in Ost-England. Sein Projekt zeigt, welche Auswirkungen es auf eine Gesellschaft und ihre Menschen hat, wenn die Zeit vergeht.” Mit 27 Fotos von damals und heute.

“I think of myself not as an astronaut who paints, but as an artist who was once an astronaut.”

The New York Times: Alan Bean, 4th Person to Walk on the Moon, Dies at 86.

“Alan Bean, who became the fourth man to walk on the moon and turned to painting years later to tell the story of NASA’s Apollo missions as they began receding into history, died on Saturday at Houston Methodist Hospital. He was 86.

His death was announced by his family in a statement released by NASA.

Mr. Bean stepped onto the lunar surface preceded by Pete Conrad, the mission commander of their Apollo 12 flight, in November 1969, four months after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first lunar explorers.

The flight of Apollo 12, while thrilling in its own right, was not nearly as dramatic as the pioneering mission of Apollo 11, but it resulted in a more extensive exploration of the moon.

Mr. Bean returned to space in July 1973, when he commanded a three-man flight to the orbiting space research station Skylab, the forerunner of the International Space Station. The astronauts on that mission spent 59 days in space, a record at the time.”

ars technica: Alan Bean, the fourth human to walk on the Moon, has died. “Bean loved being an astronaut. He may have loved being an artist more.”

I’m just now watching an interview with Alan Bean in two parts from 2011. (YouTube, ca. 40min altogether)

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