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Reisauflauf (Baked Rice Pudding)

This is a great dessert as well as a sweet main course in hot summer weather.

For four as a main course or eight as a dessert:

3/4 l milk

200 g rice for rice pudding

a bit of salt

Heat the milk, put the rice in and let it cook on low heat until the rice pudding is done.

65 g butter

1 package vanilla sugar

80 g sugar

2 or 3 big spoons of Quark cheese (100 to 250 g)

2 or 3 eggs

a few drops of lemon juice

Mix these ingredients and then put them and the rice pudding in a suitable bowl. Mix thoroughly. Bake one hour at 190°C. Serve with fruit, e. g. fresh strawberries or compote.

Guten Appetit!

Note: Vanilla sugar is available in Germany in little paper bags. I don’t know if it exists elsewhere. You can substitute it with vanilla and add a little more sugar.


Und nochmal auf deutsch: Reisauflauf

Für vier Personen als Hauptgericht oder acht Personen als Nachtisch:

3/4 l Milch, 200 g Milchreis und eine Prise Salz kochen, bis der Milchreis ausgequollen ist.

65 g Butter, ein Päckchen Vanillezucker, 80 g Zucker, 2 bis 3 Eßlöffel Quark, zwei bis drei Eier und einen Spritzer Zitronensaft verrühren, dann unter den fertigen Milchreis mischen. Ca. eine Stunde bei 190°C (Heißluftofen: 160°C) backen. Mit frischem Obst oder Kompott servieren.

Schmeckt auch kalt am nächsten Tag noch gut!

Tuesday, June 26 2001

Es gibt Reis, Baby!

We’ve recently had complaints about not offering enough German recipes on this site , so I posted a new one today: Reisauflauf!

This means baked rice pudding, and please let me know if there is a real and more elegant name for the dish in English. Isn’t there a dictionary for English cooking terms on the web?

Auf deutsch gibt’s das Rezept hier.

Guten Appetit!

Physics is cool

PhysicsWeb: Liquid marbles roll out. (Link via Blackholebrain.)

“The dynamics of water droplets has fascinated physicists for well over a century. Yet several aspects of droplet motion have remained untested because moving drops tend to leave traces of liquid on surfaces. Now a team of French physicists has developed a way of moving a liquid drop across a surface without wetting it.”

Nature: The water marbles: “Powder coated drops of water float on water and roll on glass.”