Daily Archives: June 11, 2001

Monday, June 11 2001

Birthday Dino:

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Frauke (aka Supermaus! )! Einen schönen Tag – hoffentlich trotz Arbeit!

So, how was the weekend at Westerland? Hope it didn’t rain all the time…


Ahem… no, my weblog is not turning into another Birthdays.Weblogs.com. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my exams lately, hence the lack of updates. It is possibly going to stay this way until I finish my exams at the end of November, but then again – maybe not. Who knows?

And now, back to work. Today is Algebra day.

Have a great day, everyone!

Goin’ to the movies

It seems that last week was a week of movies for me. The library recently opened a DVD section. It seems to be quite small, but I can’t say for sure because all the films are never there! I managed to get Lola rennt (Run Lola Run) the week before last, and liked it. The tagline is Jeden Tag, jede Sekunde triffst Du eine Entscheidung, die Dein Leben verändern kann. (“Every day, every second, you make decisions that can change your life.”) And the film shows just that. Three times, everything starts with a phonecall from Lola’s boyfriend. She runs, and because of deciding differently every time, the outcome is completely different from before.

For last week, I got Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino and Cookie’s Fortune by Robert Altman. Jackie Brown is supposed to be even better than Pulp Fiction, but since I haven’t seen it, I can’t compare the films. I thought that Jackie Brown was good, though. Very suspenseful and yet funny.

Cookie’s Fortune was a very funny movie, somewhat similar to Fried Green Tomatoes in atmosphere and kind of humour.

I also went to a cinema in Bonn that shows films a couple of months after they are first released in Germany, but costs only DM 4,99 (about US$ 2.50). Actually, I went twice and saw Cast Away (Verschollen) and Malèna (Der Zauber von Malèna) with a friend and fellow student who is preparing for the exams as well. We felt we deserved to do something relaxing on the weekend, so we went to have some ice cream and later watched a movie.

wink: And if this sounds like I did nothing else but watching movies last week, please note that I watched the DVDs late at night after I had finished my work of the day. Same goes for going to the cinema. And you know, one just has to take a break from time to time.


Gerade lief im Radio wieder Aff un zo von BAP. – Ob es daran liegt, daß ich schon fast vier Jahre im Rheinland wohne, daß mir die Musik jetzt gefällt?

Obwohl ich von zu Hause nur das norddeutche Platt kenne, verstehe ich sogar meistens, was die singen:

Aff un zo ess alles herrlich,

aff un zo och janz erbärmlich,

aff un zo jeht einfach alles schief.

Aff un zo hätt mer verloore,

aff un zo weed mer öm sieh Glöck bedroore,

aff un zoh hällt mer die Uhre stief.

Manchmohl nimmste alles leich

un manchmohl fällt dir alles furchtbar schwer.

Et selve Glas kann morjens halvvoll sinn

un ohvends ess et dann halvleer.

Manchmohl schweb mer en Jedanke`p Wolke

Un steht met singe Fööß em Dreck.

Et kütt vüür, dat mer nit wiggerweiß

un et dann klapp em selve Augebleck, em selve Augebleck.

(Übersetzung gibt’s hier.)