Daily Archives: June 24, 2001

Sunday, June 24 2001


Remember the Soda Constructor? They have now added a Soda Zoo with many cool pre-made… um… things. There even is a mad cow, but I was really amused by the mobile home. Or how about this jellyfish? This ball is also cool.


Yay, Google has re-indexed my site! (It was de-indexed a while ago.) I had seen the occasional referrer from a Google search in the last few weeks, but whenever I searched for my URL or name on Google, it found nothing.

The search engine for Manila sites is fine, but it only searches stories and (former) homepages, not discussion group messages. If I want to search the whole site including the DG messages, I can now use Google again. Cool!

Update: This is strange: When I posted the above nine hours ago, a search for “Andrea’s Weblog” had this very page on the first page of results. I just searched again in order to find out when Google’s crawler came by, and I can’t find it any more. Is it just me, or does anyone else experience something like this?

Google also claims that no information for andrea.editthispage.com is available if I search for the URL, but if I do a search for any word and add “site:andrea.editthispage.com”, it turns up the proper pages of my site. It’s confusing.

Update, another two hours later: Okay, now it’s back. And here is Google’s cache for my home page. June 2nd? That was three weeks ago!

Solar Eclipse

Sheila has some interesting solar eclipse links today, especially this one: Science@NASA: Eclipse Safari. (The eclipse occured last Thursday and was visible in Africa.)


It’s Sunday, and – as the name suggests – the sun is shining. And it’s warm and feels like summer, as it should a couple of days after summer solstice. Sunshine always puts me in a good mood. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as well!

And Scott, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get some sunshine by tomorrow. I’ll send some over to you!