Daily Archives: June 21, 2001

Thursday, June 21 2001


I just went over all the prefs of my site and replaced color names by hex codes. Now the pages should look right in Opera and other browsers that do not support all colour names. Please let me know if you find something looking weird.


Happy fourth wedding anniversary, Audrey and Hal!

Applied Physics

Kirby Palm invented a fishie hi-rise that enables the fish in his pond to enjoy the view from above the surface. The page also explains the physics behind it.

Link via Narilka.


It’s Archimedes day over at BookNotes today. Many interesting links, especially this one: The Sunday Times – The Sum God, about the discovery of a lost Archimedes text:

“What has not been known until the examination of this book was that Archimedes was even ahead of Newton in the 17th century. Whereas Newton guessed at numbers and volumes, Archimedes, like mathematicians are able to today, precisely calculated them.”


Have you been to Ireland yesterday?

Also, Garret has a cool photo of a lightning (scroll down).