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Saturday, June 2 2001


Something I meant to post for a week now: Jan-Willem‘s take on the Scripting News/Blogger dinner in Amsterdam:


1993: What’s your number?

1998: What’s your email?

2003: What’s your weblog?

Channel One

Today I received an email from Ken McNatt, the highschool student who maintains The facts about Channel One. The subject came up almost a month ago, initiated by Garret‘s link to The Phenomenon of Channel One (Kuro5hin).

Ken McNatt wrote that about 40% of all US students have to watch Channel One, and sent me a link to Obligation, Inc.‘s site about Channel One – The Most Controversial Show On Television. Although I have to admit that it is not the best-organized site I’ve seen, they have accumulated a lot of information, including specific examples of advertising that is inappropriate for school-age kids. They also have quite a few links to related info on the web.