Tuesday, June 26 2001

Es gibt Reis, Baby!

We’ve recently had complaints about not offering enough German recipes on this site , so I posted a new one today: Reisauflauf!

This means baked rice pudding, and please let me know if there is a real and more elegant name for the dish in English. Isn’t there a dictionary for English cooking terms on the web?

Auf deutsch gibt’s das Rezept hier.

Guten Appetit!

Physics is cool

PhysicsWeb: Liquid marbles roll out. (Link via Blackholebrain.)

“The dynamics of water droplets has fascinated physicists for well over a century. Yet several aspects of droplet motion have remained untested because moving drops tend to leave traces of liquid on surfaces. Now a team of French physicists has developed a way of moving a liquid drop across a surface without wetting it.”

Nature: The water marbles: “Powder coated drops of water float on water and roll on glass.”