February 7 2001


Tales of the City, for all those fans of Armistead Maupin’s book series out there. Also, check out Maupin’s new book, The Night Listener. You can read the first chapter online.

Spring clean

Today, I did some spring cleaning on this site. I went through my hierarchy and re-organized some folders. A few links to book-related pages changed: the list of books I’m reading (and have read in the past) are now in /books/reading, and my Ten Books List is in /books/tenbooks. The new addresses can also be found on my Site Index / Inhaltsverzeichnis.

As you can guess from my enthusiastic reorganization, it was an uneventful day. In the morning, I went to the university to see a mathematician to ask a few questions concerning my thesis. Some problems I had were solved, others eliminated altogether. Has anyone ever understood the proof for the Jordan curve theorem? Me neither, but luckily I don’t have to. facehappy:

So all is well with my thesis so far, and in the afternoon I went grocery shopping. It is safe to say we are not going to starve, at least not this week. Tonight I’ve been reading and working on the site structure. I even found some pages I didn’t remeber creating!

Erinnert sich noch irgendwer an meine Hausarbeit zum Thema Warum gehört die Mathematik zur Bildung? Ich frage mich, ob den außer mir jemals jemand ganz gelesen hat…

And now it’s time for bed… Gute Nacht!