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February 13 2001

On a serious note…

Craig has some links and facts about the death penalty today. It’s also being discussed in this MetaFilter thread.

Even more Blog You

They have now reviewed The Curmudgeon (John), dangerous meta (Garret), Blivet (Hal), Duncan’s Jotter (Duncan) and I really must insist you leave (PattiAnn) as well. (And none of the anchor links seem to work… sigh!)

Heh, they didn’t even realize that Duncan uses Conversant to maintain his blog. To them, anything that looks similar to some Manila blogs, is a Manila blog.

All in all, it seems to me that Tom puts much more work into his reviews than Ed. He can spell better than Ed, seems to be able to click his way around one site more easily, and tends to give a higher rating.

For additional comments, check out the discussion group (for today and tomorrow).

Wie die Zeit vergeht…

Fühlen Sie sich alt? Da kann ich nur sagen: Ja! Ich kenne noch Raider und Treets, und Eis gab’s früher für 50 Pf die Kugel. Allerdings muß ich zugeben, daß ich mich kaum an die Zeit vor Kanzler Kohl und Papst Johannes Paul II erinnern kann… also ist’s vielleicht doch nicht sooo schlimm.

Link via Bastian.

Academy Awards Nominations

Besides Tiger & Dragon, I’ve seen three of the films that have been nominated: Julia Roberts, nominated as best leading actress in ‘Erin Brockovich’, which has also been nominated for directing, best picture and writing (original); ‘Oh Brother, where Art Thou’, nominated for cinematograpy and writing (adapted); and ‘Space Cowboys’, nominated for sound editing.


Tiger Dragon: André and I went to the cinema tonight and watched Wo hu zang long, better known as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or just Tiger & Dragon in German(y).

We really enjoyed the film. The story is excellent, the fighting scenes are breathtaking, and the old Chinese clothes and buildings are interesting. We just kept wondering whether large parts of the landscape shootings were done in Death Valley…

I especially liked the scenes in which the main characters seem to run up walls, fly over roofs and through forests, or walk on water. Those reminded me of dreams I had in which I could fly or walk on water. The feeling was just right!

And by the way, Tiger & Dragon has been nominated for the Oscar in ten categories: art direction, cinematography, costume design, directing, film editing, foreign language film, music (score), music (song), best picture, and writing (adapted).

Across Antarctica

Have you been following the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition? Well, the two women made it across the whole continent. They are now on the Ross ice shelf and have only some 800 km left, I think. Read their latest updates here or look at a map of Antarctica to see where they are.

Community News

Hey, Garret started an image gallery!

It seems everyone is going ego-surfing for his/her first name: Duncan, John, aka The Curmudgeon, Al… Anyone else?


Heise Newsticker: Flatrate von T-Online möglicherweise vor dem Aus. Was? Möglicherweise wird die Flatrate für ISDN eingstellt, die für DSL aber nicht.

Klasse. Wenn’s nach André und mir ginge, hätten wir längst DSL statt der ISDN-Flatrate, aber die Telekomiker kommen mit der Technik nicht nach. Das wird ja immer schöner, wenn der Benutzer jetzt teuer bezahlen soll, daß die Telekom mit DSL-Anschlüssen nicht nachkommen!

Link via Bastian.

Blog you

This morning I received an email from Edward Champion, informing me that my weblog has been reviewed at Blog you. You can find it at http://www.edrants.com/_blogyou/a.html#andrea, but the anchor doesn’t seem to work, so you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. And they got the name wrong and write about “Andrea’s World”.

Update: They corrected the name. Thanks!

The best part? Tom writes: “Andrea is bilingual […] I’m barely lingual.”

Other than that, there’s not much to say about the review, we have talked about this a couple of days ago.

However, I have a few things to say about their design. They criticize the “drastic limitations of Manila”, but don’t really seem to know a thing about Manila. I don’t know whether they use any software to build their pages, but something seems to keep their anchor links from working, for example on the index page of Blog You. And on that page, the whole text is a link to the page itself. Does that make sense?

And have you noted that many headlines appear at the end of the last line of the previous paragraph, for example here?