Daily Archives: February 20, 2001

February 20 2001

Abschaffung der Flatrate der Telekom

Auf SWR3 habe ich gerade gehört, daß jemand eine Protest-Site eingerichtet hat:

Dort wurden bisher 53352 Unterschriften gegen die Abschaffung der Flatrate gesammelt.

Hooty Hoo?

The Curmudgeon reports that today is Hooty Hoo Day. Going out at noon and shouting ‘Hooty Hoo’ is supposed to chase the winter away. Bummer, why didn’t tell me anyone earlier? It’s almost 9 pm over here already. Do you think it will still work?

Hooty Hoooooooo!

Hey, John, you should do some hooty-hooing too!

modulfigur: Modulfigur

Phew. I’ve done my work for today. Believe it or not, it took me several hours to create this picture. It may be called modul figure in English, but I’m not sure. (Can anyone tell if that’s the correct term? The German term is Modulfigur.)

So you ask what’s special about this graphic? The white circle represents the hyperbolic plane. It can be tesselated with triangles, some of which I’ve drawn in there. Although they look different, they’re all the same size. If you start with the ‘big’ triangle in the middle and mirror it on each of its sides, you get the light blue triangles, and if you mirror them, you get the outermost triangles. All triangles have three zero degree angles.

In our Euclidian world, every circle inside forms a right angle when intersecting the outer circle. Cool, huh?

Now for some surfing before I crash and collaps into bed.