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February 15 2001

Mehr aus der Weblog-Community

“Aber ich schweife ab (dieser eine Satz ist die inoffizielle Zusammenfassung dieses Weblogs :-)) “

Na, Sean, heute zuviel Laberwasser getrunken? wink:

Es stimmt also doch…

Na klasse, die Telekom beendet die Flatrate für ISDN. Dann sollen sie sich mit den DSL-Anschlüssen mal beeilen!

Heise Newsticker: T-Online streicht die ISDN- und Analog-Flatrate

Link via Bastian.

Weblog Community

Although I’m almost sure she doesn’t read my weblog: Happy Birthday, Zannah!

And Hal‘s mother turns 70 today. Happy Birthday, too!

As promised (or should I say, threatened? ), Al has redesigned! I like the new look! And the page loads damn fast, too.


The conversation with Max Smith has reminded me of the first computer I ever used. Back in 1988, I took a computer course at school in which we wrote little programs in Basic on Apple computers. The computers were almost sqare boxes, a few centimetres thick, that had the keyboard built into them. They had a 5.25″ floppy disk drive, but no hard disk. And we used black-and-green monochrome monitors with them. All the cool kids knew that you could use both sides of a floppy disk if you cut a suitable little square from the right edge of the disk.

Cool, I found the computer at Apple History! The model was called Apple IIc, but I can’t remember them having a mouse.

The computer I now have is a Mac Quadra 800, which cost $4,700 in 1993. But I mostly use André’s PowerBook because the Quadra is a little slow…