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February 22 2001

“I love to smirk for you”

Can you believe this?!

“Police in Kentucky are looking for a customer who succeeded in paying for a $2 order at a fast-food restaurant with a phony $200 bill featuring a picture of President George W. Bush and a depiction of the White House with a lawn sign saying, ‘We like broccoli.’ Authorities say the female cashier at a Dairy Queen in Danville even gave the culprit $198 in real money as change.”

Here’s a photo of the $200 bill.

Link via The Dad’s Radio Blog.

Building a house

Instead of building a boring house with a rectangular layout, why not build a round house? Garret had a link to Yurtworks.com. They build yurts, or round homes, of all kinds and sizes.

But I think I like geodesic dome houses even better. There are lots of geodesic dome sites out there. I especially liked these:


Ugh, today is Weiberfastnacht (women’s carnival). I had an explanation of this event last year. If you are interested in seeing the carnival processions of Bonn or Dransdorf, there are several webcams. Today, most of the action is in Beuel. (Hit reload for a new picture.)

Passend zum heutigen Tag: Weiberfastnacht.de, wo es auch einen kurzen Abschnitt zur Geschichte der Weiberfastnacht gibt.


See a beautiful picture of the Star Forming Region S106. Beautiful!

Link via Blackholebrain.

Weblogger meet weblogger

Susan went to Las Vegas to visit her niece (and her parents) and met Audrey and Hal!

Hal: “I’ve never actually seen another one of you [ETP weblogger] face to face, for the longest time I’ve suspected you’re all a figment of my imagination… ”

Believe it or not, we’re real. Too bad AndrĂ© and I didn’t know Hal when we went to Las Vegas in 1999…

By the way, Susan has photos of the meeting and of beautiful cactus flowers and the like from the Water Conservation Garden, and photos of Valerie Grace Kitchens and her parents.