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“[T]here are so many areas where you can get lost and not even realize it until you’re lost”

The New York Times Magazine: Tragically Lost in Joshua
Tree’s Wild Interior – Dark Zones

“In June 2010, Bill Ewasko traveled alone from his home in suburban Atlanta to Joshua Tree National Park, where he planned to hike for several days. […]

Ewasko left a rough itinerary behind with his girlfriend, Mary Winston, featuring multiple destinations, both inside and outside the park. […]

The plan was that after he finished the hike, probably no later than 5 p.m., he would call Winston to check in, then grab dinner in nearby Pioneertown. But 5 p.m. rolled around, and Ewasko hadn’t called. Winston tried his cellphone several times, and it went directly to voice mail. She knew he might still be in a region of the park with limited cellular access, but the thought was hardly reassuring. As night fell on the West Coast with no word from Ewasko, Winston tried to call someone at the park, but by then Joshua Tree headquarters had closed for the day. Her only option was to wait.”

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I’ve been following the efforts of Tom Mahood as chronicled on his weblog Other Hand for years, ever since I read about the The Hunt for the Death Valley Germans.

“Großbritannien macht Russland für den Anschlag verantwortlich”

Deutsche Welle: Ex-Spion Skripal zu Hause vergiftet. “An der Haustür des Ex-Doppelagenten in England fand die Polizei “die bislang höchste Konzentration” des Nervengifts. Als Reaktion auf den Anschlag haben 26 Staaten mehr als 140 russische Diplomaten ausgewiesen.”

Deutsche Welle: Russian spy Skripal may have been poisoned at home: UK police. “Police have said the former Russian spy and his daughter came into contact with a nerve agent at their home in Britain. London holds Russia responsible for the poisoning that has raised tensions between the two nations.”

“Gobsmackingly uninformed.”

Washington Post: ‘Mr. Santorum, CPR doesn’t work if all the blood is on the ground.’.

““How about kids, instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations where there is a violent shooter and you can actually respond to that?“ Santorum said. […]
The comments drew ridicule from physicians, among others, who assured Santorum that learning CPR wouldn’t save victims of a mass shooting. […]

Heather Sher, a Florida-based radiologist who examined the gunshot wounds of at least one Parkland, Fla., shooting victim on the day of the shooting, called Santorum’s comments “gobsmackingly uninformed.“

“CPR is not effective with catastrophic bleeding,“ she said on Twitter. “Speechless! Learn CPR! Everyone should for cardiopulmonary arrest. But for gunshot wounds, a) attend stop the bleeding course by trauma surgeons or b) pass #gunreform (helpful hint: option b is the better option.)“ “

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