Daily Archives: March 20, 2018

“Whatever you came into government to do […] you have to commit to serve the public.”

The Washington Post: Trump’s view of public service: Officials serve him, not the public. “Trump’s use of nondisclosure agreements in the White House is the latest violation of the public trust.” By Ian Bassin. “Ian Bassin is the executive director of Protect Democracy and formerly served as an Associate White House Counsel to President Barack Obama.”

“That’s why it has been disturbing to have witnessed for the past year a complete upending of this concept by the current holder of that office. This week’s revelation by Ruth Marcus that President Trump had White House staff sign a nondisclosure agreement compelling their silence long after their government service is over, ostensibly to be enforceable by Trump personally, is the latest example. It’s not just a matter of law (though government does restrict disclosure of some confidential or classified information, these NDAs go far beyond those rules); it’s about principle, and what these NDAs signify about the president’s view of government work. At root, it has become clear that Trump doesn’t view public office as a public trust, but rather as a personal fiefdom, to be controlled by whomever is declared the winner of an election.”