Daily Archives: September 25, 2005

Autumn Colours

When I started to use WordPress, I intended to start with a basic theme or layout and modify it myself, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to learn about CSS and so on, at least not at the moment. And with WordPress Themes and sites like WordPress ThemeViewer, Alex King: WordPress Theme Browser and WP Themes.info it’s easy to decide not to do the designing work yourself – but hard to pick a theme because there are so many great ones. For now, I chose one called Dark Maple by Moshu. After a long wonderful and perfect summer I’m getting to terms with the fact that autumn started two days ago.


Die Nachbereitung der Bundestagswahl durch das Zeit-Feuilleton: Auf nach Jamaica!

“Liebe Studentinnen, liebe Studenten, in der heutigen Vorlesung gehen wir im Stoff weit zurück und blicken auf das Jahr 2005, auf die berühmten Septemberwahlen zu Berlin. Wie Sie von Ihren Großeltern vielleicht wissen…”