Daily Archives: September 21, 2005

Hello World!

Welcome! Looks like you found the link to my new digs. After five years and almost eight months it was time to say good-bye to Manila and the very generous free hosting over at UserLand. My weblog has grown up and got its very own domain.

Please excuse the hammering and sawdust while I fix the odds and ends. Most of the site should work, although some links might not (yet) and lots of photos are too wide for the current template, which I’ll replace as soon as I’ve got the time. Right now, it’s a mix of old layouts and the generic WordPress theme that I use; I replaced the image at the top with one of my own, but other than that, I haven’t gotten around to anything yet.

After extracting five and a half years worth of archives from the old site, my lovely husband André spent a lot of time importing and making them work in WordPress. There are no links yet, but to go to the archive for this month, for example, simply type /2005/09 behind serendipita.org. The travel journals and photos etc. are all still here, but the list of pages was too long to include on this page. Until I come up with something better you can find most things right here on the site index.

Please let me know if you see something that doesn’t work like it should or not at all via the comments or email – my new email address is my first name at this domain. And if you want to subscribe to my RSS feed, go right ahead.