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Google Nostalgia

Google turns ten and brings back their oldest available index, which is from 2001. If you search for my first name now, Andrea Electronics is the first hit. A search for my first name back in 2001 shows that back then a little weblog apparently was more popular than the electronics company. Ah, the good old times, back when most people didn’t even know what weblogs were…

This reminds me of some of the old-timers who have since disappeared… remember Behind the Curtain? Hi Alwin Hawkins, John van Dyk, Mike Donellan, Jeff Cheney, Netdyslexen et al! Any of you guys still around?

Link via MetaFilter.

“The domain name doesn’t exist.”

Ahem. It seems that my site was down today because I didn’t renew the registration. My e-mail app considered the reminders from my registrar as spam and apparently transferred them to my junk folder automatically. Only after I realized just now that the domain expired yesterday did I find the last reminder still in the junk folder.

I just renewed the domain and have to praise my registrar,, because showed up again less than five minutes after I paid the fee by credit card. Great service!

And I set up my e-mail app to not consider their messages as junk from now on. wink

Software update and new look

André was kind enough to upgrade my weblog to the latest version of WordPress. Since my template looked too much like autumn anyway I decided to update that as well. Hope you like the new look! And let me know if something is wonky, looks weird or doesn’t work as it should.

Six years and six days ago…

… I started my weblog at Back then, hardly anyone (in Germany, at least) knew what a weblog was, and even fewer people had one. Back then I was a student with lots of time for surfing the web and finding interesting things to post, or even for writing long stories about my travels etc..

(This reminds me that I never got around to posting a journal for our second trip to the US back in 2002, and that I kept a journal on the computer on the third trip in 2005 so posting something about it on the web would be easier and less time-consuming. With a digital diary and digital photos you’d think that I’ll eventually get around to put something up in the near future – we’ll see if it works out.)

My weblog helped me make new friends (whom I mangaged to meet in real life), keep in touch with far-away friends and even find old friends again. (For those not in the know: Ralf and I went to school together!)

Since I started teaching I haven’t had as much time for this hobby, but I still enjoy posting interesting links or the odd photo and communicating with you. I still get e-mails from “strangers” from time to time talking about something that I posted on my weblog or asking a question, or just saing, hi, I read your weblog, so if you’re a long-time reader but have been lurking all this time, why don’t you post a comment or drop me an e-mail at my first name at this domain? I’d love to hear from you!

Ach Kinners, vielen Dank für die lieben Glückwünsche, Jörg und Ralf.

Jörg: Es war aber nicht am Sonnabend, sondern schon ein paar Tage eher, und ich hatte nach dem letzten Posting flüchtig daran gedacht, dass ich da wohl ein Jubiläum verpasst hatte, war aber noch nicht dazu gekommen, hier wieder zu posten. Danke für die Erinnerung!

Autumn Colours

When I started to use WordPress, I intended to start with a basic theme or layout and modify it myself, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to learn about CSS and so on, at least not at the moment. And with WordPress Themes and sites like WordPress ThemeViewer, Alex King: WordPress Theme Browser and WP it’s easy to decide not to do the designing work yourself – but hard to pick a theme because there are so many great ones. For now, I chose one called Dark Maple by Moshu. After a long wonderful and perfect summer I’m getting to terms with the fact that autumn started two days ago.