USA Trip (Index)

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USA flag How the photos were made

A map of the whole trip

Day 1: Bonn – San Francisco in 24 hours

Day 2: First day in San Francisco and dinner with Bob and Alex

Day 3: Monterey Peninsula and the Bay Aquarium

Day 4: Highway 1 from Monterey to San Luis Obispo

Day 5: Adventure! We go rappelling

Day 6: On to Joshua Tree NP

Day 7: A very hot day at Death Valley NP

Day 8: Valley of Fire SP and a night in Las Vegas

Day 9: Leaving Las Vegas… for Grand Canyon (South Rim)

Day 10: A Canyon, a lot of clouds and an awesome sunset

Day 11: Beautiful Antelope Canyon (and Lake Powell, too)

Day 12: Monument Valley

Day 13: Moab, visiting Arches NP

Day 14: Canyonlands NP – as beautiful as Grand Canyon, but much less crowded

Day 15: Capitol Reef NP and a “diabolic” dinner!

Day 16: First day at Bryce Canyon NP

Day 17: Bryce Canyon, second day. We went “inside”

Day 18: Grand Canyon, second try: North Rim – great!

Day 19: Zion NP, first day: overview

Day 20: Zion again: We climb “Angel’s Landing” (second adventure of the trip)

Day 21: Driving, driving… from Zion to Lee Vining and Mono Lake

Day 22: Crossing Tioga Pass into Yosemite NP

Day 23: Yosemite, second day: Glacier Point

Day 24: Back to San Francisco

Day 25: Chinatown and other Tales from the City

Day 26: We rent bikes and go to the Golden Gate Bridge

Day 27: Playing at the Exploratorium

Day 28: André meets his colleagues for the first time while Andrea visits Golden Gate Park

Day 29: We don’t want to go home yet!

Day 30: Back in Bonn