Thursday, June 28 2001


Damage report. Boy, what a day! I hope not every day is like this…

Duncan and Al mention/comment on Seth Bokelman’s iBook review, which is an interesting read because he describes his experience as a PC user who bought a Mac for the first time.

By the way, I encountered the same difficulties when installing more RAM. In fact, I didn’t get it in because I feared I might break it. Both the inside of the laptop and the RAM seem fragile, but obviously they’re not. Finally I asked André to install it. I don’t have an Airport card, though. Of course it would be cool to have one, but I don’t really need it.


Bibliomania. The name says it all: Bibliomania has “free online literature with more than 2000 classic texts, literature book notes, author biographies, book summaries and reference books, classic fiction, drama, poetry, short stories, contemporary articles and interviews, study guides to the most read books and help for teachers, reference books, dictionaries, quotations”, et cetera, et cetera.

The Media Borg

Must-read article on Salon: Assimilating the Web. “Like ‘Star Trek’s’ all-powerful Borg, AOL and Microsoft are determined to crush the spirit of online independence. Is resistance futile? First in a series on the consolidation of power and ownership in the media landscape.”


Die Zeit: Lerninitiativen: Energie = Masse x Spaßquadrat.

“Bildungsexperten warnen vor einem dramatischen Nachwuchsmangel in Naturwissenschaft und Technik. Wie lässt sich das ändern? Eine Vielzahl privater Initiativen will bei Schülern mehr Begeisterung wecken.”

Eine der Initiativen ist TheoPrax – ein neues Ausbildungsmodell.

Lerninitiativen ist ein Schwerpunktthema in der Zeit.